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Hearing on July 9th, 2020 at 9am

In order for the Planning Commission to hear the significance and rationale for

the Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines, a large community voice presented by 

Letters of Support and live call-in 3 minute comment for the hearing are the most important participation our community can do now. These three hearings: the Planning Commissioners, Board of Supervisors, and the Coastal Commission is where we have the chance to turn our guidelines into ordinance.

Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines  -  Talking Points


Please make your letters personal, and include in your letters and live call-in comments:

I support the Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines in its entirety.

  1. Density Control, a minimum of 9 lots between each vacation rental or a minimum of a 500ft. radius, whichever is greater

  • We need a minimum 500ft. radius to limit the density which will reduce the harm to our neighborhoods and the character of our community.

  • Cayucos has a 100ft. radius. Cayucos illustrates why we need more, why 100ft. is not enough. Even with regulations, their city is no longer filled with old fashioned neighborhoods. We don’t want that to happen here.

  • The irregular geography and varying lot sizes in Los Osos requires a minimum of 500ft. radius between vacation rentals. 

   2. 1% Cap on total number of Vacation Rentals allowed in Los Osos, evenly distributed between neighborhoods

  • The cap will lessen the impacts on housing stock and helps mitigate the SLO County affordable housing shortage.

  • This insures Vacation Rentals will be kept to a level where there will not be devastating impacts to the residential character Los Osos.

  • We want to maintain the peaceful neighborhoods you came here to live in.

  • School systems are negatively affected by the loss of students

  • By dispersing their numbers between designated neighborhoods of Los Osos, neighbors will not experience the character loss and unacceptable concentration that would occur with too many on one street.

  • Water is a precious resource and with the 2020 Community Plan projecting 80 plus new homes per year, we need to safeguard water resources. Vacationers can possibly add strain to our water conservation, especially when high occupancy.

   3. Ownership requirements: only one vacation rental allowed per owner. Owner may not be a corporation or partnership.

  • The City of Palm Springs implemented both of these control measures two years ago.

  • San Francisco has required that all new vacation rentals must be owner occupied - one per owner. 

  • This reduces the negative impacts from outside investors whose only interest is financial.

   4. Zoning Requirements: Vacation Rentals are not allowed in multi-family dwellings or Mobile Home Parks

  • Protects long term rental availabilities especially for lower income residents. 

   5. Permitting Requirements 

Vacation rental permits will expire with the sale of its property - Sunset Clause

  • Expired permits can be utilized by someone who may be on a waitlist for a permit. 

  • It also prevents the house and its permit from becoming a commodity.

  • A vacation rental license that continues indefinitely as long as the business license is renewed can have negative impacts when inactive. An unused license has the affect of locking out nearby properties from obtaining licenses.

  • By cycling out an idle VR, it can open up for a new VR permit business, maintaining active VRs and earning Transient Occupancy Tax (Hotel Tax).

Neighbors are to be notified when a vacation rental permit application is first made.

  • Currently, neighbors are notified at the very end of the process, but should be allowed to provide input at the beginning. Sometimes neighbors are the only ones that can provide input concerning safety and the the negative impacts of a specific property or neighborhood.

Code enforcement inspections

  • To ensure compliance with health and safety code requirements.

  • Improved code enforcement is not too much to ask for - some California cities go as far as posted signs at VR location that include VR license number and 24 hr. contact information.

Vacation rental administration fees

  • To help fund the proper enforcement of vacation rental regulations

          Require Minor Use Permit for a vacation rental application

  • This will continue to allow for community review of proposed VR properties. The SLO Grand Jury in 2015 stated “By design, minor use permits are intended to provide the county with the flexibility to override an ordinance based on special factors.”

​         Planning Commission July 9th Hearing  Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines


       File number LRP2020-00005

Written Comment Clerk Email (Ramona Hedges, Secretary)


Verbal Comment Voicemail Number 

(805) 788-6043


Written Comment Mailing Address - Best to get your letters in right away, so that they will be read! 

Department of Planning and Building

Attn: PC

976 Osos St., Room 300

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

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Background - April 2019

There are still no formally approved Vacation Rental Guidelines for Los Osos. The county has been approving vacation rental permit applications without consideration for the impact on our neighborhoods. Last year a permit had been issued to a residence adjacent to an existing vacation rental. This permit was appealed. Through our collective community efforts, which included petition, letters, and a large attendance at the County Board of Supervisors meeting in July 2019, we were able to successfully overturn, by a 3 to 2 vote, this permit. The Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution, directing the Planning Department not to issue a vacation rental permit to a residence that is immediately next door to an existing vacation rental. However, as the narrow vote indicates, much more work needs to be done before the Planning Commission meets on July 9th to review our guidelines.