The California Coastal Commission Hearing will be on February 11, 2022


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Write a personal letter Please note that this email correspondence will be distributed to the Commission prior to the hearing on this item if it is received by 5pm on the Friday Feb. 4th before the hearing. If it is received after that time, then it will not be distributed to the Commission. 

DRAFT MEETING AGENDA Item 16e:  San Luis Obispo County LCP Amendment No. LCP-3-SLO-21-0027-1 Part F (Los Osos Vacation Rentals) 



Public Comment on February 2022 Agenda Item Friday 16e - San Luis Obispo County LCP Amendment No. LCP-3-SLO-21-0027-1 Part F (Los Osos Vacation Rentals)

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We are asking the California Coastal Commission to certify the Vacation Rental Ordinance for Los Osos that was approved by the County, and is fully supported by the CCC staff report.

The most effective message now

  • is a brief, positive message of community support

  • supportive of the CCC staff report

  • supports the ordinance as a whole

The Los Osos VR Ordinance:

  • A balanced plan that provides for important visitor-serving accommodations while protecting community character and housing.

  • Based on guidelines developed by LOCAC’s Land Use Committee with significant community input.

  • Consistent with the SLO County Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance and the Local Coastal Plan.

  • Strongly supported by the community, by LOCAC (approved 7-1), and by the SLO County Planning Commission (approved 4-0), and the Board of Supervisors (approved 3-2).

  • The ordinance was developed with extensive community involvement.  As a result of that process, it does a good job of balancing visitor-serving accommodations with housing opportunities and protection of community character in a way that reflects the unique character of Los Osos.

​The benefits of the ordinance: Los Osos housing development is constrained by a limited groundwater supply. When single-family homes are converted to vacation rentals, it results in a loss of housing inventory that cannot be replaced. 

  • Protects housing stock for residential use. 

  • Protects housing that is typically most affordable. 

  • Prevents the over-concentration of vacation rentals in residential areas.

Thank you for participating in this community effort!