Call to Action - Upcoming Board of Supervisors Hearing Dec. 15, 2020


Please support this grassroots effort by writing letters and making live call-in public comments for the Board of Supervisors Hearing on December 15th, 2020.



We are asking the Board of Supervisors to endorse the Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance for Los Osos that was unanimously recommended by the Planning Commission on July 9th, 2020. 


This proposed ordinance is: 

  1. What the community wants (On 6/28/2018 LOCAC overwhelmingly approved these guidelines based on a great deal of public input, from all sides of the issue)

  2. Good for community by protecting our neighborhoods, our businesses and schools, while preserving housing stock for full time residents - maintaining a healthy community.

  3. Consistent with the Los Osos Community Plan.

TALKING POINTS for Public Comment and Letters to the Board of Supervisors

Below are the key elements from the ordinance to mention in your letters and comments. Please make your letters personal with your own voice and experience.

  Density Buffer of 500 ft. Radius

  • We are a bedroom community, not a tourist town. Los Osos requires a different standard than other unincorporated coastal towns with more tourist-centered economies.

  • A 500 ft. radius will reduce the impact to our residential neighborhoods and the character of our community.

  • Our unique landscape edging the Morro Bay Estuary and the irregular geography and varying lots sizes in Los Osos requires a minimum of 500 ft. buffer.

  • Our neighboring coastal towns illustrate that a smaller buffer between vacation rentals is deleterious to community  character.

  Zoning requirement: Allow vacation rentals in single-family dwellings only (VRs not allowed in multi-family                          dwellings or mobile home parks).

  • Protects housing stock that is typically the most affordable to households.


  1% Cap 

  • Los Osos is still in a building moratorium, We live with imposed water restrictions based on our Level III severity warning. 

  • The cap will minimize the impacts on housing stock and help mitigate the county’s affordable housing shortage.

  • Offers a secondary protection for the density buffer. 

  Ownership Requirements: Maximum of one vacation rental allowed per owner

  • Allows second home owners to rent out the property when not using it themselves.

  • Maximizes opportunities for second home ownership by preventing monopolization of the market by just a few investors.

  • Limits commercialization of neighborhoods.

  • This measure has been in force in Palm Springs since 2017.

  • The cities of both San Luis Obispo and San Francisco have mandated that all new vacation rentals must be owner occupied. That in essence is one per owner.


  Sunset Clause: Vacation rental permits shall expire automatically with the sale of the property. 

  • A sunset clause prevents the vacation rental permit from becoming a commodity. 

  • Given that the number of vacation rentals will be limited, in fairness there should be a sunset clause. An expired permit can be utilized by someone who may be on a waitlist for a permit. 

  • A sunset clause could also be implemented through an expiration of the minor use permit after a determined time, for example, 5 years.

  Minor Use Permit

  • Allows for community review of proposed short term vacation rental properties. 

  • The SLO Grand Jury Report, 2015 stated, "By design,  minor use permits are intended to provide the county with flexibility to override an ordinance based on special factors."


  Affordability and Availability of Housing

  • Housing being converted to short term vacation rental businesses has detrimental impacts to the community.

  • If housing stock is taken away, prices are driven higher.

  • We lose community diversity and locals who can live and work here if long term rental housing is converted to short term rental housing.

  • Moderate income families struggle to find decent housing.  Vacation rentals reduce the housing stock that much further.  

  • Think of how our community will be impacted by loss of homes and families. What are the trickle down effects?


  Our Community Infrastructure will be protected with the recommended vacation rental ordinance. 

  • Schools - School systems are negatively affected by the loss of students

  • Faith communities

  • Community Groups - sports, art, crafts, social groups, volunteer groups, etc.

  • Local businesses that serve our full time residents - hair dressers, pet shop, jewelry store, tax preparers, etc.


  We have a variety of visitor accommodations

  • Back Bay Inn, Baywood Inn, Sea Pines Golf Resort - all three businesses are growing their accommodations with new development in the pipeline.

  • We have 56 permitted Homestays.

  • We have nearby campgrounds at Montana De Oro and Morro Bay.

  • Los Osos lacks infrastructure for visitor services - lighting, sidewalks, paths, signage, trashcans, public restrooms, etc.

How to make 

Public Comment & Letter Writing

information to be posted soon