California Coastal Commission Hearing possibly Dec. 2021 (to be announced)


Please support this grassroots effort by providing input to the California Coastal Commission 

Showing strong community support for the ordinance is vitally important.

  • Write a personal letter (email or USPS). Your letter should arrive (to be announced)

  • Make live public comments at the hearing on (to be announced)

Here's how: (information to come)

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Send email letters to: (information to come) 

Letters and verbal comments are both important.  

  • Letters lay the groundwork for the meeting. You can say as much or as little as you wish. The best letters are personal – they use your words to express your thoughts.

  • Verbal comments provided at the meeting, although limited to only 3 minutes, can be very influential, as these remarks are fresh in the supervisors’ minds when they discuss this item in the meeting. Verbal comments typically have the greatest impact.



We are asking the California Coastal Commission to endorse the Vacation Rental Ordinance for Los Osos that was recommended by the Board of Supervisors on Dec. 15th, 2020. 

The proposed ordinance is:

  • A good plan. Some community members would like a stronger ordinance than this, while others would prefer fewer regulations. Overwhelming approval by the Los Osos Community Advisory Council (LOCAC) after receiving a great deal of public input shows that this is a good middle path.

  • Good for our community. It protects housing, neighborhoods, businesses and schools.

  • Fact based. The ordinance is based on guidelines developed by LOCAC’s Land Use Committee. These guidelines were developed based on the experience of communities in SLO County and throughout the state that have been impacted by vacation rentals.

  • Consistent with good planning policies, including the SLO County Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance and the Local Coastal Plan.

  • Strongly supported by the community, by LOCAC (approved 7-1), and by the SLO County Planning Commission (approved 4-0), and the Board of Supervisors (approved 3-2).


The most effective message now

  • is a brief, positive message of community support

  • supports the ordinance as a whole  

  • says why you support the ordinance  (even if you would actually prefer stronger regulations - which is fine to say)


  • The most urgent issue facing SLO County is our housing crisis.  Housing for lower- and moderate income families is especially needed. 

  • Los Osos is a bedroom community, with a variety of housing options that serves a diverse population.  Los Osos’ housing supply, particularly rental housing, is extremely tight.  This situation will continue for the foreseeable future because of a slow projected growth rate (due to our limited water supply). 

  • Vacation rentals harm communities by reducing the housing supply.  Every house that is used as a vacation rental is one less house where someone could live.

  • Vacation rentals also harm communities by displacing residents of a neighborhood with a steady stream of strangers, thereby damaging the fabric and the strength of the community that derives from a stable resident population.


Do you know someone who has had trouble finding a place to live in Los Osos?  

       If so, please consider mentioning this in your comments. It is important for the Supervisors to know about this. 


How does the ordinance protect Los Osos?  It:

  • Protects housing stock for residential use. 

  • Protects housing that is typically most affordable 

  • Prevents the over-concentration of vacation rentals in residential areas.

  • Reduces the commercialization of neighborhoods.

  • Prevents the commodification of properties.

  • Provides eventual relief for neighbors of a vacation rental.

  • Allows community review and input on vacation rentals before a permit is issued.


The ordinance has these additional benefits for vacation rental owners and for visitors:


  • Provides income opportunities for owners of second homes.

  • Promotes equity for vacation rental ownership by helping to spread opportunities throughout town.

  • Promotes equity by giving more people an opportunity to have a vacation rental.

  • Promotes diversity of lodging options for visitors.




Here are the key elements of the ordinance, in brief:

  • Vacation rentals not allowed in multi-family dwellings or mobile home parks 

       (VRs allowed only in single family residences). 

  • Maximum of 1% of single family dwellings may be used as a vacation rental

    • For comparison,  Morro Bay (which, unlike Los Osos, is highly dependent on tourism) recently adopted a 3% cap for vacation rentals.

  • 500 foot buffer between vacation rentals

  • Maximum of one vacation rental per owner

  • Vacation rental permit expires when house is sold

  • Minor Use Permit required to establish a new vacation rental​


Thank you for participating in this community effort!