More Information

1. Vacation Rental (VR): The rental use of a residential structure for transient use period of up to 30 days.
2. Home Stay Vacation Rental: Residential owner occupied renting a room for transient use within a home. 
3. Long Term Rental: Residential home rental for over 30 days.
4. Los Osos Community Advisory Council / LOCAC: The Los Osos Community Advisory Council is the voice of the community for all land use issues affecting Los Osos. LLOCAC is an 11 member volunteer group that advises the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, the County Planning Commission, and County staff on land use planning, trees & landscaping, traffic and circulation and other important issues that affect Los Osos. LOCAC is also a voice for protecting Morro Bay and the sensitive environment surrounding our community.
5. Land Use Committee / LUC: The Land Use Committee is the voice for land use issues affecting Los Osos. Land use includes developments, outdoor recreation, open space, zoning and more. We review and make recommendations regarding minor use permit applications. We seek input from the public regarding our community’s land use priorities and goals. We research and advise regarding major ordinance and policy changes.