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Where We Are

Remember back in 2018-19 when this all started with community opposition to a proposed side-by-side vacation rental on Santa Lucia Ave? In our effort to prevent a hotel row like atmosphere, we appealed to the Board of Supervisors and won! We started a petition for the Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines. (The VR Guidelines were originally drafted and approved in 2017-18 by LOCAC with considerable input from an open community forum.) The Ordinance went to the Planning Commissioners in summer 2020, then Board of Supervisors in Dec. 2020. And now after getting through the California Coastal Commission with minor modifications, the last stop will be back to the Board of Supervisors for their signature into Ordinance!

It's been a long haul, so much work, so many letters and public speaking, and finally we have the approval by the Coastal Commission.

Thanks to all who participated and spoke up for what has been greatly needed to improve the compatibility of vacation rentals within our surrounding residential neighborhoods.  

 The Los Osos Vacation Rental Ordinance has been unanimously approved by the California Coastal Commission! 


NEIGHBORS FOR LOS OSOS are like-minded community members who see a need for vacation rental guidelines in order to preserve the character of our neighborhoods and the fabric of our community. We believe that Los Osos deserves more than discretionary decisions when a vacation rental is approved or denied. By thinking proactively, let's prevent the loss of our neighborhoods and use thoughtful guidelines that set concrete standards. It's about preservation of place, and the people who live here.